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Corporate Event

Corporate event planning goes beyond meeting planning and conferences it include corporate hospitality, holiday party , client entertainment, conventions, exhibitions, Concert, School Event,carnival/festivals and employees events—such as incentive travel reward programs, team building, motivational events, receptions, parties, and charity fundraising days.

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Product Launches

There’s so much potential resting in a product launch event and a lot of pressure to make sure the first impression is a resounding success. With proper event planning, savvy marketing, and a creative, experienced, and talented team, you can produce an outstanding product launch event.After weeks, months, or years of hard work, testing, production, and planning, your new product is ready to be released to the public! To launch a new product is almost as important as developing it. The product launch event gets the word out to the public that your product or service is available on the market.

Bar mitzvah /Bat mitzvah 

While the popularity for bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies is increasing, and more Jewish pre-teens are interested in having a bar/bat mitzvah, there are many creative , personal and privatized ways to mark this coming-of-age ceremony.


Roadshow events consist of a number of events, which usually take place across a whole day, in multiple locations, with the end goal of reaching a key demographic in various towns or cities. These events will include speakers, panels, product demos, interactive experiences and opportunities to network.

The value of this kind of event is that it provides a unique opportunity to get in front of those you’re looking to do business with and find out more about how their experiences may differ from location to location.

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Casino Night

Home or at a venue. The key to hosting such a memorable fête is simple, “mix together a fun environment, exceptional service, and, of course, come in with an enthusiastic attitude to create an unforgettable experience.” And part of that experience? The games.  there’s nothing quite like the thrill of casino gaming. “Casino parties provide guests all of the excitement of games like blackjack, poker, and roulette without the anxiety that come to most with actually betting one’s own money on those games. It’s truly a win-win!”

Trade Show, or any other type of event, regardless of size, we can provide any and all aspects.